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    Let us be pioneers in the new digital commerce era
    growth opportunities have never been so attractive
    let us explore together the sales potentiel of this new digital commerce
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    The it system is the gateway to this transformation
    We must reconcile our old systems with the new digital economy
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    logistics organisation is becoming one of the most strategic growth factors
    Logistics serves a customer journey which has become very complex with a highly demanding marketing promise

Our convictions !

We actively participate in this digital revolution which has tremendous potential for growth and commercial success.

Digital above all

It is important to appreciate the context of this digital revolution and to understand why in the space of 10 years empires have been built and others have vanished. How these masses of turnover are created in record time. In order to do this we must move into this new digital economy.

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Agile and robust

Being agile takes nothing away from robustness. This begins of course in the structure of the IT systems but this agility must also be reflected in every aspect of the company. The rate of acceleration in this new digital economy is brutal and will put your tools under stress. Better to be prepared, together.

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A methodology to be shared

S.M.A.R.T. to formulate common goals, P.D.C.A. to organise the implementation of a project, R.A.C.I. to define the roles of all participants etc. There are numerous project management tools to be used and we are convinced of the need to display and share a common methodology.

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Towards Commerce 3.0...

The digital transformation of commerce is a reality in most European countries. Online retailing is no long the key issue. At stake is the ability to transform traditional retail into the new digital commerce: defining and building customer journeys and gaining customer loyalty.

Capgemini survey
IT systems... 80%
Logistics... 60%
Commerce 3.0... 70%

Our expertise

Having worked on the front line of the new digital economy for the last 10 years, we understand what is at stake and are able to give you the keys to success in this new commerce.

IT Systems

The IT system is the backbone of your organisation. It is above all the key to digital transformation and must be both robust and agile in order to maintain your historic organisation without holding back your development. Decisions are sometimes complex when seen from the inside of your organisation but solutions can often be much more simple than you imagine.

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Logistics organsiation

Your customer service will depend on the quality of your logistics organisation. Previously relatively straightforward in its organisation, logistics management has become complex as it has to encompass multiple types of ‘unstable’ workflow. Quite simply logistics organisation echoes the complexity of the customer experience in this new commerce. Beware, customer expectations have increased significantly with the arrival of web 2.0.

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Customer journey

Our challenge is to respond to the desires of your customer. These new customer demands are growth vectors which can in fact be straightforward to put into place. A solid IT system with a modern approach to logistics will give you all the tools you need to offer your customer this new experience. Let us be innovative so that your sales momentum kicks in during the coming years.

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Client references

We accompany our clients with a range of consulting missions to help considerably accelerate their drive towards transformation. We bring you the necessary skills and competencies to accompany you in the phase of digital transformation.

Team Member

Orium is a leader in the e-commerce field. The ability to anticipate the needs of new markets and to manage IT systems were the reasons for success of this SME of 350 employees, making Orium a reference in the e-commerce sector.




Team Member

The 10 000 Club is a service offered to small e-commerce companies. Around 100 SMEs were grouped together in this ‘club’ allowing them to expand their business rapidly.

CLUB 10000

Small market

Team Member

We are behind the omni-logistics programme creating a new form of fulfillment and logistics, commercialised on the market. Viapost has thus become the European leader of connected logistics.



Connected Logistics

Team Member

We have accompanied this group of 270 000 employees in their strategic approach and development relating to connected commerce. We are the creators of the Shopping 3.0 programme.


Commerce 3.0

Team Member

Olivier Moreau was President of the Logistics and Distribution Commission of ACSEL. We published “E-commerce and distribution: how the internet is revolutionizing sales channels”, a summary which announced the arrival of omni-commerce




Team Member

Over the last five years Olivier has lectured at the Paris Dauphine University as part of the 2nd year Masters in Supply Chain Programme. During this programme we share our strategic vision of “supply chain management”.




These key projects will give you the core competencies that you need to succeed in the process of digital transformation

Business Logic
Digital commerce

Press review

We are proud to have regular press coverage as we convey our expertise in a new area with a clear message and regularly confront our theory with the reality in the field

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We seek to accompany you in your commercial strategy

Our team

Team Member

Olivier Moreau’s expertise crosses three core areas of logistics, information management and client relationship management. He will share his strategic vision of commerce 3.0 with you.

Olivier Moreau

E-commerce and Commerce 3.0

Team Member

Pascale Bry has a broad experience in the definition of quality processes and will accompany your teams in the implementation of new projects.

Pascale Bry

Quality and HR Qualité & RH

Team Member

Christian Hauville has demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of the e-commerce market. He will also bring his experience and knowledge about IT and processes.

Christian Hauville

IT & Processes

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